Four reasons why you should support small businesses.

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Quarterly Update - February 2021, small business, SME

Here are just four reasons why you should support our campaign to #showSMEsomelove and support your small and local businesses.

  1. Shopping locally supports your local economy. According to a survey by Visa, when we shop locally, more than a third of the money stays in the local community. So, you are not just supporting a local business, but you are also supporting your local neighbourhood.
  2. Many towns and villages depend on a thriving high street – it is often the heart of the community. So, supporting your local shops also helps your local area thrive.
  3. Small businesses will have a range of different products when compared to larger stores which need to standardise their range across the country. So, when you support a local business, you are likely to have a more unique experience and have the opportunity to buy more interesting products.
  4. You might be surprised but shopping at a small business could be cheaper! Small businesses do not have large overheads, so can sometimes pass those savings on to you!

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