HMRC post targets

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: emails, hmrc, post opening targets

Late last Friday HMRC released their performance figures for dealing with post and incoming telephone calls. Having read their figures I am not surprised that they did not issue them mid-week, with a fanfare!
HMRC has targets for dealing with post – they aim to deal with 80% of post within 15 working days of receipt (or putting it another way, they are not bothered if one letter in five is not dealt with within three weeks of receipt) and they aim to deal with 95% within 40 working days (two months to you and me).
However unambitious you consider these targets may seem I am afraid that I have to report that performance against these targets has been terrible – the year to 31 March 2016 they only managed to deal with a little over half (52%) of their post within three weeks, a deterioration from the pretty poor performance of the previous year (70%).
Perhaps they might do better if they woke up to the fact that email really does work rather well (they scan all incoming post so they can’t be wedded to paper)!
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