HMRC’s holiday home surprise for landlords

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

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Summer is coming. For most of us in fact, it’s already here.

After last week’s 30-degree heatwave across most of the country, you could be forgiven for allowing your thoughts to drift towards shedding work clothes for something a little more tropical.

Maybe you’re thinking that now is a good time to let out your holiday home; you wouldn’t be wrong. However, it’s important to remember certain changes to the way taxation on buy-to-let properties that were recently passed.

Under the old rules, landlords could claim tax relief on their mortgage payments at their marginal rate. Higher-rate earners could claim 40%. April’s budget established a flat rate of 20%, meaning that many landlords have had their profits hit hard.

There is good news however…

Holiday homes are the only exception.

If your holiday rental qualifies as a “furnished holiday let”, special tax treatment applies. This means that you can still obtain higher and top-rate tax relief on mortgage interest payments. What’s more those returns from holiday letting can be remarkable: somewhere in the region of £12-15,000 per year for the average two-bedroomed cottage in the UK.

Think of AIMS when you find yourself with better use of losses and access to capital allowances, as well as entrepreneurs’ relief.

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