How are we different to other Accountants?


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: AIMS Accountant

With so many options to choose from, it can be easy to choose poorly as many are not qualified.

Choosing an accountant is a business decision that should be done looking at the big picture as it can impact your business in different ways, and should be researched. But how are AIMS Accountants any different to the majority? Well, we have a few reasons to prove ourselves.

  1. Fixed costs – Many Accountants in the UK usually charge per call or by the hour, which increases your monthly costs and does not provide peace of mind as there can always be a surprise bill coming your way. With AIMS, we always agree to all of our fees beforehand, and they are through Direct Debit, so you can always know what your monthly cashflow looks like – No nasty surprises!
  2. Unlimited communication – We know most people do not enjoy call centres and this is why with AIMS, there will always be a human on the other side of the phone. As an AIMS client, your local Accountant is able to answer all your doubts without the worry of a hefty bill.
  3. Efficient – But do not take our word for it, Sujatha Renganathan’s client from FlowLine Hair Salon recently commented, “I would recommend AIMS because I find them very professional in the way they work, quite consistent, very prompt with things. Also, time responses are quick, it is immediate, you do not wait around, and someone is there for you when you need them. They give good directions, that is what a good accountant does.”
  4. Tax Reliefs and Allowances – We are always informing our clients about changes and possible cash savings in case they apply to you or your business, maximising your finances every month which in the long run can add to a few thousand pounds.

Where else can you find all of this for a fixed price? Why do we have a different approach to our services?

All of the nearly-200 AIMS Accountants own their accountancy practice, which means they are small business owners. We understand and value the importance of our local communities and the feeling of involvement it can provide, while assisting in their full development.

If you need more reasons to join us, give your local AIMS Accountant a call today and he will be happy to discuss further. We are business accountants for business people.