How many pages of tax legislation do you want to read?

/ Government

But surely the question is how many do you have time to read? You also need to fully understand it. You may remember the pruning of the original Finance Bill 2017 from its record breaking 776 pages due to the general election.

Well, now we have the Finance (No2) Bill 2017, published last Friday, with a rather disconcerting 72 clauses and 674 pages. This, coupled with the 150 or so pages of the original, we seem to have gained about 50 pages (and that’s before amendments as the Bill proceeds through Parliament)!

I cannot help but wonder, given all the extra legislation (predominantly Brexit related) that will be going through Parliament, do we really need this much additional tax law?

Unfortunately, what we can’t do is make all this additional legislation go away, but we can help you and give you more time to actually run your business. Please do speak to an AIMS Accountant today to find out how.

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