How many people missed the 2023 deadline for self-assessment?

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Author: Henry Robinson

how many people missed the 2023 deadline for self assessement

Are you one of the 600,000 taxpayers who missed the January 31st 2023 deadline for self-assessment? HRMC was expecting 12.1m tax returns to be filed, of which 11.4m were submitted on time. However, 600,000 tax returns were still outstanding.

How many people missed the 2023 deadline for self-assessment?

An amazing 800,000 taxpayers filed on the day of the deadline with 36,000 filing in the very last hour. Although 600,000 sounds high, it’s a lot better than the year before when 2m tax returns missed the deadline! So why did so many poeple still miss the 2023 deadline for self-assessment?

Apart from the stress of leaving your tax return to the last minute (literally), you also risk fines and interest payments.

It can take time to sort through all the details needed for a tax return, and you don’t need to wait until January to get your return sorted. If you talk to your accountant, you can agree when to provide all the information needed and the return can be submitted well in time. Then you’ll know in advance how much tax you’ll need to pay, and you can enjoy Christmas and the New Year without that tax return hanging over you.

If sorting out your tax return is something you dread, we are here to help. We understand tax and will help you get your finances into shape ready to file. You can find your closest  AIMS accountant here.