How to choose the right accountant for you

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Author: Lesley Anderson

how to choose the right accountant
One of the biggest career decisions you’ll ever make is to start out on your own – whether that’s as a sole trader or a small business. We think the next biggest decision is choosing the right accountant to help your business flourish and grow.


How to choose the right accountant

There are lots of things to think about. Obviously you want someone who’s properly qualified and ideally has experience in your sector or your specific accounting needs, such as taxation, financial analysis and reporting, or auditing. You’ll want someone who is prepared to spend time getting to know you and your business, so that they really understand your challenges and can work with you to make the most of growth opportunities. You also want someone who’s going to be available when you need them – someone who’s a phone call or a quick journey away, and who can communicate clearly, cutting through complex financial matters so you understand what you need to know.


As you’d expect, all our accountants are thoroughly vetted before they join us. They’re all fully qualified, experienced trustworthy and committed to giving you value for money, as well as keeping your sensitive financial data confidential and secure. What’s more, they know they have access to specialist advice or support from our AIMS team in the London HQ.


You may want to meet with a few accountants in your area before making a decision, but we’re confident that we can find the right person to team up with you.


If you’re considering appointing an accountant for the first time, or changing accountants, why not take a look at our team and see who’s in your area: