7 Ideas to Promote Your Business for Free

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

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Promote Your Business for Free

Marketing can cost a small fortune, but there are loads of ways to promote your business for free! Here are a few ideas to promote your business for free:

Social Media
This can work wonders when used effectively and half an hour a day should be enough, unless your main source of clients is fully online (this will require more of your time).

Test different platforms at the beginning to see which works for you. The same social media platforms won’t work for all businesses. To test, make sure you’re writing or recording content several times a week until you work out what gets you the most engagement.

Remember to ensure all your services and contact details are correct.

Google My Business
This is a completely free listing on Google Maps where clients can leave reviews. The more reviews you have and the better quality they are, the higher you’ll rank locally. Responding to these reviews will also boost your ranking. Create a Google My Business listing here.

Facebook & LinkedIn Groups
These are a popular choice for small businesses as they let you access local community networks and post about your services and how you can help others. They usually also have events happening so make sure you don’t miss the next one. Visit these platforms daily and search for groups that you know your perfect customer will join.

Facebook & LinkedIn Events
Rather common nowadays, search for events in your town or city and register yourself.

Local Shops & Supermarkets
This is a less formal choice, but it’s quite common to find a board in your local newspaper shop or supermarket where people can leave flyers promoting their services. These are seen by hundreds of people every day!

Local Networking Meetings
There are thousands of these springing up and each can offer something different. You’ll get the first couple of events free before having to sign up and pay. This is a fantastic way to meet local businesses and SMEs who are also looking to meet other business owners. Usually, only 1 business per sector is allowed to attend which means you’ll be the only person selling what you sell!

Local Press
Make a list of all the local and regional websites and newspapers and email them with a nicely written article about your business and how you are involved in your community. You never know, they might just publish it!

What works well for some may not be great for others, but it’s worth giving a few things a go. Especially if they’re free! Always remember to provide at least a business card, or your website so people can find more about you and know how to contact you. Your local AIMS Accountant is probably trying lots of these things too so talk to them about it and also chat with them about how to reduce your tax bills!