Keep calm but celebrate success

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Small Business Saturday is just around the corner – 5 December in fact and I for one am looking forward to it – as much as I have enjoyed following the updates, especially those about the events and special promotions that have been in full force around the country leading up to the day.

What I like about this initiative is that it is a celebration of small businesses and what they represent to their community. For many years small businesses have been the underdog in the business world, but not anymore. They contribute massively to the economy, they contribute to the job market and they also provide a level of service that most large corporations have been lacking for some time. So it‘s their time to shine and this initiative will not only show the support of the local community, it will also highlight why we should shop local, so the spotlight will be on them which I give two thumbs up to.

The clock is ticking and if you’re taking part I would love to hear your story. It’s important to share successes especially within the local community.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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