Local Service, National Strength – But what does that mean for you?


Author: Joshua Ejdelbaum

Our clients can benefit from AIMS’ unique structure. Having a local accountant, but with the support of a national office.

The benefits of having a local accountant are obvious. You have somebody you can meet face-to-face, speak to directly, and who can understand your specific accounting requirements. But what about the support of a national office? Does this make a difference to you? The short answer is yes!

Our accountants are not just a one-man team. They receive technical support, so when you ask them unusual questions, or pose them with a tricky dilemma, they can discuss this with a team of colleagues, with their combined experience meaning they can quickly get the right answer.

AIMS accountants can also benefit from regular training from head office – so they are up to date with new legislation and new measures, and can pass this information on to you – just one example being a client who was able to receive a £10,000 grant, which they wouldn’t have known about were it not for their AIMS accountant.

It also means that our accountants can focus on what is important, looking after their clients. Because head office can support them with IT, systems and software, they can spend more time doing what is important – attending to your needs.

For further information, please contact your local AIMS accountant.