Lockdown Learning from our AIMS Accountants

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: covid-19, lockdown, Quarterly update - November 2020

With National Lockdown 2.0 now firmly in place, AIMS asked a number of our accountants what the intensive lockdown period between March and August taught them about their business and clients.

We hope you enjoy reading about some of the experiences and achievements of your AIMS accountants.

Shyam Thanki,
who is based in Birmingham, told us:

“Communication for businesses with their accountant during lockdown was more important than ever. Clients were really reliant on me for the announcements and explanations of the furlough scheme / grants etc. Thankfully, the expertise of colleagues in Head Office really helped to keep abreast of the constant updates. In this time of financial uncertainty, my clients really appreciated the monthly pricing model as they knew I was always at the end of the phone for them without needing to worry about a big bill.

“On a positive note, lockdown gave people the space they may have needed to start a new business. I have a number of new clients who have used lockdown to get their idea off the ground.”

Rajesh Mehrotra, based in Buckinghamshire said:

“As a first-year accountant with AIMS, it has certainly been a year filled with numerous challenges. What I have learnt during the lockdown period is the importance of having a strategy. For me, this has included pro-active marketing including utilizing social media and friends and family, as well as joining local community Facebook groups to offer advice and support.

As a result of all this effort I have been taking on new clients and growing my business. I am moving in a positive direction.”

Jeanette Snape who is based in Cheshire reflected that there were three main things she learned:

  • A whole new vocabulary – I was never particularly gifted at languages at school but I am now fluent in the Lexicon of Lockdown. From Furlough to Flattening the Curve, Social Distancing to Sanitiser Stations whatever will be next! Furthermore, when meeting clients and prospects the very British handshake has been replaced by fist pumps, foot shakes, elbow bashing and even a Japanese – esq bow. In the excitement of signing a new client I’ve even gone for a virtual high five!
  • On the Big Screen – ok so I’m not a TV star or a movie mogul but this has certainly been the year for video calls. Whilst it’s always preferable to meet in person this hasn’t always been possible. Along with my new language skills I am now a Master of Messenger, a Host of House Party, Top at Teams and Zestful at Zoom. Whilst I always endeavour to keep it professional there have been times when my dog has put in her own paw-formance
  • We didn’t need as much toilet roll as we thought we would!

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