Lunchtime is crunch time – when do you work best?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: About AIMS, Accounting in Practice, self-employed

We came across an interesting article from AccountingWeb recently that reported the results of research on when accountants work best.

According to the survey, most accountants hit their stride at 11am until lunchtime, after they’ve caught up with the emails and woken from the early-morning daze.

For an organisation like AIMS, that’s (if you’ll pardon the pun) food for thought. If you’re in an office environment, that period does make sense for peak productivity. For most, it’s after you’ve caught up with everything that went on overnight, made your morning coffee, ploughed through emails and notifications, and can finally start progressing, rather than catching-up. It got us thinking, though – what about if you don’t work in an office environment?

Since every AIMS Accountant is a self-employed business operator, they often work from a home office environment, and mould their hours around their lives and responsibilities. It can be a bit tricky to stick to a 9-5 if you’ve got to get kids to school in the morning, then pick them up at completely different times, for example. The working freedom that you get from running an AIMS practice is one of the big reasons we’ve found that new accountants join.

That begets a question – when do you work best, when you don’t work normal hours? Is it tied to the workload? Related to the time of day? Is it just people having lunch to look forward to? It’s an intriguing question. We can’t easily analyse the work patterns of every single AIMS Accountant – there are over 200 of us, after all. But what we can say is that everyone will have their own peak productivity time. 11am might be great for some, but others might find that 2pm is when they work best. We trust them to find the times that work to produce the quality of work that clients expect. The research highlights an important fact about modern accounting – not every accountant is 9-5 any more. When you’re looking at the accounting sector as a whole, you need to be sure that’s taken into account!

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