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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

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AIMS Accountants loves being able to highlight some of the many businesses we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis through our Client in Focus editions. On this occasion, we’ve spoken to Marell Consulting Ltd from Ellen Mukwewa, a client of Jagdeep Chauhan, AIMS Accountant in Shirley, Solihull.

The business has been running for over 9 years and promotes excellence in non-association independent schools. These tend to be relatively small schools catering for some of the most vulnerable pupils who have special educational needs, social, emotional, and mental health needs and sometimes, significant gaps in their education. Children who have been excluded from various mainstream provisions or have been through significant trauma. Ellen thinks the work that these schools do is important – work worth doing, therefore it is worth doing well.

Ellen works closely with school leaders to develop continuous improvement systems so that pupils can experience a consistently better quality of education. She also supports schools to develop inspection readiness, so they can get good Ofsted inspection outcomes and continue to help as many pupils as they can. Finally, Ellen and her business ensure that they meet the regulations that independent schools must meet to maintain their registration with the DfE and remain open.

What do Marell Consulting Limited services include?

Consulting, delivering training and conducting quality and compliance audits. They work with schools that are doing well and want to do better; schools that are not doing well,  perhaps they have had a poor inspection outcome – we support them to bounce back. We also work with those who are looking to start their own independent school – navigating the application process, ensuring they get their school registered with the DfE.

The impact of COVID on schools has meant that school leaders have had to work in “survival mode” for a very long time – getting to grips with the added health & safety and safeguarding requirements, remote education, LFT testing in schools and much more. This has had a knock-on effect on the business as it is difficult to focus on school improvement when you are in the middle of a pandemic.

From September 2021 things had begun to settle and the business was picking up again, but after the Christmas break and with the arrival of the variant, recovery slowed down. Even so, they continued to strive and push ahead, adjusting the way we work and exploring other pathways that are proving to be viable even in this climate.

AIMS was recommended to Ellen by a leadership coach – Astrid Davies. So, when she switched to AIMS, she experienced “excellent quality of service from Jagdeep Chauhan. I know that if I have a concern, she will respond, and when I need advice, she presents me with options and explains the impact of each – this gives me confidence to make decisions. I feel like a valued client, not an account that needs to be serviced.”

Ellen Muwkewa recommends AIMS and specifically Jagdeep Chauhan to other businesses because, as Ellen says, “she provides excellent service, is attentive, provides useful advice and information making decisions easier.”

To find out more about Marell Consulting Limited, visit their website, Linked In or Facebook.

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