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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Quarterly Update - November 2021

What we have learned in the past year could help businesses reframe their future for next year and into a post-Covid market.

Even though there are no restrictions now, and the confidence in the economy is growing again, SMEs must still do some work to keep on top of the changing climate.   

We have created a list of some important must-dos to keep you in the game.  

  • Find out more about your client – Try to create a profile of your client and why they need your service/product. If possible, you might want to prepare an email survey to find out more about your customer journey (SurveyMonkey can help). The more satisfied your client is, the more loyal he will be to your business and products. There are free tools in your social media platforms to find out your client’s regions, age, most interacted content or information which can help improve your customer’s experience. Understanding your clients and their demands is key, and their experience should always be improved from end to end as it will directly impact the success of your business.   
  • Identify your core dependencies – many businesses have had to reshape ways of operating in different levels, and many changes have been profound and permanent. Businesses must know what is essential to the continuity of their business and ensure they are taken care of. Some of the most common operational topics include enough staff, dealing with customer feedback, stock & deliveries, newer regulations, etc. Try to forecast any possible shortages as we have seen happening for larger businesses, failures or areas to work on (Marketing, IT), and improve them where possible. Planning is gaining time and enabling success.  
  • Improve your communications – both online and face to face. Many businesses are now operating through social media and direct messaging clients through those platforms as it has proven to be effective. Many clients feel more confident chatting with businesses directly through private messaging on social media as it offers a quick and efficient way closing sales and brand awareness. Equally, face-to-face communication has the power to create customer loyalty and is an area where all SMEs could improve. Provide more personalised attention next time a customer walks into your shop as engagement is a game changer and remember to pay attention to detail (clients appreciate it, a lot!).  

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