The most difficult Budget… until the next one!

/ Business and Economy, Government

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Budget, Government, small business

The next budget is not until March. So, why are we talking about it now?

For many UK small businesses, the stakes couldn’t be much higher. This last year has been the most unprecedented in our lifetimes. And the support for small businesses adjusting to the shock of Covid (and Brexit to boot),  is vital for many.

So, what the chancellor announces may have a greater impact than ever in firms deciding what they need to do to stay open, grow, or how they might need to adapt further to adjust to the “new normal” – whatever that might look like.

The CBI have already come out and asked for the furlough scheme to be extended, and for the business rates holiday to be extended as well.

Whatever Rishi Sunak decides, there will have to be some support available, but the question is to what extent. At least now with the vaccination rollout underway there is some positive news on the horizon for many business owners.

Whatever happens, this budget will be of the upmost importance – but then again the next one is likely to be just as, if not more important, depending on how the world looks by then!

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