Did you know yesterday was National Pet Day?


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Client In Focus

We’re told it is an exciting day to have an excuse to shower your animal bestie with love and celebrate them, although every pet owner will know they want to treat their pet well every day.

To mark this occasion, we have spoken to one of our clients ably looked after by Andrew Modle – an AIMS Accountant in Bramley, Hampshire – Colin, who runs Especially Dogs.

On a day that’s about treating our pets, its especially relevant that Colin sells high quality natural dog treats. Especially Dogs started two years ago, when he was selling dog treats at car boot sales and dog shows. It quickly became clear that there was a demand in the area for high-quality natural dog treats, so, to satisfy that demand, Colin had a website designed to offer his products, and Especially Dogs became a Ltd company. Colin’s a dog owner and a dog lover himself and that’s the starting point for what he does.

What does Especially Dogs do which makes it unique? Their company ethos is to sell ethically sourced, 100%-natural dog treats at good value prices! We were also struck by the size and range of products offered, so there is always something for those with little legs to get their teeth into.

As a ‘baby business’, how they describe themselves, there are certain challenges, and they understandably have the ongoing challenge of getting their name out. So, they are using only Facebook at the moment to advertise and also word of mouth in an attempt to keep their outgoing costs down. They also have an Instagram account worth checking out.

The reason for choosing AIMS is because “Andrew Modle has been extremely helpful offering us help and support even after business hours. As a small family-run business, we are learning every day and require support and guidance. We would recommend AIMS because of the extra mile they go for you; the additional support and friendly understanding manner is very much appreciated.“

Remember to check out their Facebook group, Instagram and website www.especiallydogs.co.uk. 

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