Is online shopping, is it all it’s cracked up to be?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: customer experience, high street, online, shopping, small business

I tend to lean towards online shopping. The main reason is, I prefer to spend my time avoiding hoards of shoppers armed with brollies or ice creams. But there has to be something said for the experience of visiting high street shops, especially as they focus more on the customer experience and communication.

The advantages of shopping online are the ease and potential cost savings (before the surprise of delivery charges). But!! Online shopping is far from perfect; upon pressing the ‘checkout’ button you spend the following days wondering when your package might arrive and what exactly will arrive. Then you have the trouble of returning the product if it’s incorrect.

I live in a market town, but work in a city so I see the benefits of shopping small, supporting local independent shops while also witnessing the customer experience that you receive in stores like Apple and Nike Town where the products are displayed entirely differently to each other, but equally encapsulating.

My advice would be; hit the shops, it’s far more rewarding. Lots of people complain about the demise of the high street and then shop on Amazon. High street shops still serve a great place in our communities; after all where else would you go to get a haircut, withdraw cash, get a newspaper, go for lunch etc. It’s more exciting to see what you’re buying and more rewarding to meet and support your local independent.

Let us know if you are an online or high street shopper. Join the discussion on our blog or on twitter by using #shopsmall (@AIMSAccountants). We recognise the need for online shopping, but if you are fed up with the boarded up shops, do something about it. Support your small business.

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