Paying (and getting refunds) from HMRC

/ Tax

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: cheques, direct debit, hmrc

HMRC is currently running a campaign to persuade us to abandon cheques. They are phoning and writing people who normally receive refunds by cheque to accept repayment by BACS. They are also contacting people who pay them by cheque to use the alternatives of online banking, Direct Debit or debit/credit card.
While it is always nice to get money back from HMRC we may not always be entitled to it. If you are being asked to pay less tax than you expect or receive a refund you weren’t expecting double check that the figures are right before you spend the saving/refund! HMRC usually get it right in the end and will want their money back.
One final point, HMRC (and most commercial organisations) will never ask for bank details in a letter, phone call, text message or email so if you get a phone call along the lines of “We want to pay you a refund, please give us your bank details” it is probably a scam.

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