“People should be working for themselves, not working for the tax man” – George Osborne

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Powerful words from the Chancellor as he delivered his sixth Budget – but what does it mean for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

I would say one of the highlights was the death of the annual tax return and in its place the birth of a digital system allowing you to submit your tax returns online and on any gadget. This will supposedly stop the stampede of rushing to get your tax accounts done on time and was no doubt met with rapturous applause and a big sigh of relief; especially from HM Revenue and Customs, but like any changes will this one be a better system? Time will tell.

I think the country needs to remember that small businesses, so often seen as the underdogs of the business world bring in plenty of new jobs and they make a huge contribution to the economy. Despite the uncertainties of an election year I, for one, am very excited for what this year promises to bring to the table.

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