Personal contact – always the right way forward!

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: About AIMS, Accounting in Practice, Client Relations

We had some interesting feedback here at AIMS head office recently. In some discussions with one of our key AIMS partners they mentioned the fact that AIMS Accountants are far more pro-active than other accountants in visiting and interacting with their clients. In most cases, we make visits and contacts “far more frequently than do most accountants”!

Just how different the AIMS approach is to other accounting firms is something that’s never really occurred to us. Personal contact has been so strongly ingrained in the DNA of AIMS from our beginning that it’s a completely normal part of the AIMS process. Every AIMS client can expect regular contact from their accountant in the method that suits them best – it’s one of the key values of being an AIMS Accountant!

For us, personal contact isn’t just a way of checking in with your clients to see what work needs to be done, it’s a core part of forming a healthy business relationship. A well-functioning accountant/client relationship is built on trust – and how are you going to build trust if you don’t talk to your clients?

Whilst we’re proud of our commitment to personal contacts, it’s disappointing to hear that it’s not something that clients can expect across the accounting world. We can only hope that more firms realise the value of personality in time!

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