Insights into the life of Rajesh Mehrotra, an AIMS accountant giving back to his community

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Author: Lesley Anderson

Rajesh has always been interested in what makes businesses ‘tick’. After studying economics and statistics at university he went on to gain a Masters in International Business and qualified as a CIMA accountant. He worked initially in manufacturing then moved across to the services sector before spending 10 years in asset management in the city.


By 2019, he had reached a juncture in his career when he was looking to use his skillset in a different way, and after thoroughly researching the market, decided to join AIMS.


He said: “I wanted to use my skills in a different setting with more flexibility. Being part of the AIMS franchise works perfectly for me, I can work from home, whilst still feeling part of a team. My first client was a floristry teaching school, and they are still with me today – we came through COVID together. I advised all my clients to save as much cash as they could during the pandemic to help them emerge once more normal trading arrangements resumed. I followed my own advice and was able to buyout and then employ another AIMS accountant who was looking to move into semi-retirement.


“Being part of the AIMS franchise means I can choose the hours I work and I really appreciate this flexibility. Some days I have an early start whilst other days I have a late start.”


Although British by birth, Rajesh feels a strong connection to his family’s roots in India. His parents were amongst the first Indian families to settle in Chelmsford, where there is now a large, well-integrated Indian community. It wasn’t always like this though.


Rajesh said: “I know life wasn’t easy for my parents when they first came to the UK. The culture and climate were very different from India, and they experienced  difficulties integrating into the local community. It made me realise the importance of getting to know each other as people and sharing each other’s challenges and successes.

“We now have a very strong Indian community and always celebrate big festivals such as Diwali together. There’s no sense of them and us though –   Asian and non-Asian families come together, get to know each other, party together and support each other.


And what of the Ghazals evening? It’s a first for Chelmsford: the local community is invited to a champagne reception with a sit-down meal where the entertainment is Ghazal – a form of poetry set to music. And thanks to his flourishing accountancy practice, Rajesh was able to co-sponsor the event … giving something back to the community he is so proud to be part of.


Rajesh supports SMEs in Essex from his Chelmsford and Colchester bases. You can contact him by Email:

Mb: 0740 345 4484