3 Reasons to move back into practice with AIMS

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A typical career trajectory for accountants is to start in practice and move into industry. Most AIMS Accountants followed this path. One of the main reasons is that practices often sponsor you to complete an accounting qualification which is great for your career prospects.

All AIMS Accountants, however, made the decision to move back into practice after successful careers in industry. But why? Here are 3 of the top reasons. 

Variety is the spice of life  

When you work in industry, you typically work for one business. Often, you’ll produce financial reports for managers and directors to make sure that the business isn’t overspending and to ensure that the business is hitting targets.  

Working in practice is similar in that you’ll produce financial reports for directors, but you’ll be building them for multiple businesses at the same time. You might produce accounts for dog walkers, sweet manufacturers and clothing retailers all in the same week. This variety is a good way to keep you on your toes and will be much less mundane than working for the same business day in day out.  

You’ll be responsible for the growth of lots of businesses 

When you work in practice, you almost become a business advisor to the SMEs you work with. As these businesses grow, you’ll play a key part in this journey and experience growth with them. 

 This means that your role and work for these SMEs will develop over time. It might become more complex as they hire more people and release new products. Working with SMEs and director-owned businesses promises this kind of excitement. 

You control your own destiny 

Working in practice with AIMS gives you complete control over your work. You can work when you want and from where you want.  

You also get to choose who you work with. You can market yourself to the types of businesses you want to work with and you can choose which leads to focus on. This means that you control your day-to-day tasks and you only fill your diary up with the stuff that you want, not what we want. 

You’re also not subjected to targets. You’ll have had enough of these in industry. We firmly believe that targets cause stress and lower productivity and we want you to be happy.  

These are just a few of the reasons accountants have chosen practice work over industry with AIMS. If you want to discuss your next career move, visit https://www.aims.co.uk/accountancy-franchise/ today!