Cutting corners will cost your company!

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Business Advisor

We are all looking for a bargain these days in any way, shape or form so what better way to save some money than to have an accountant who also acts as a successful business advisor.
We don’t usually have a positive perception of accountants – and I’m not sure we all give them the credit that is due. They manage all our accounting and tax and are on hand when we need some advice – in retrospect they’re our right hand man or woman.
In this climate businesses need to cut some corners and save a few pennies but the mistake that a lot of companies make is that they cut the backbone of their company and go for an unqualified backstreet bookkeeper. Mistakes with your accounts can have a domino effect on the rest of your company. Is it really worth taking the risk of having HMRC on your back?
The greatest misconception is that companies have to pay a premium for a qualified accountant – but you could not be more wrong. Affordable qualified accountants are out there – and you don’t need to look very far.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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