SMEs and their climate action role

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Climate action

SMEs and their climate action role.

The economic impact of the pandemic has effectively delayed many plans for businesses in the country, especially for SMEs, with the most reported being hiring staff, supply issues, and securing finance to expand. But one of the plans being delayed the most is reducing SME’s impact on climate change, with many reporting lack of government support.

So, why are SMEs falling behind specifically on climate action?

It has been reported by official sources, that the key reasons on which there have not been much progress, or even an attempt, is due to lack of knowledge. So, what can AIMS do to help? we’ve previously prepared blogs on:

  1. How to find out how sustainable your business.
  2. The new Plastic Tax (PPT) which started in April.
  3. A government scheme that may work if you are already driving a low emissions car.

It is no secret that the world’s largest polluters are the massive international corporations, and their impact will always be more severe, but if SMEs start taking small steps to towards a path that is simple and achievable, a lot can be done.

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