Software Struggles – What tech runs your business accounting?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Business Management, Running a Business, technology

Accounting has become possibly one of the most tech-heavy industries there is. With the rise of fintech and cloud solutions, there’s a piece of accounting software for nearly every need you could have when running a business.

More often than not there’s ten. This raises an important question for any small business owner – how in the world do you decided which one to use?

The basic solution to this conundrum is simple – let your accountant deal with that. At AIMS, we have plenty of clients for whom we’re happy to provide a full-spectrum accounting service. We take care of all their accounting and tax needs, using the software that each individual accountant prefers. However, there are plenty of businesses that won’t necessarily want a full-spectrum service. Some might want to keep their bookkeeping in-house so they can keep a record of their cashflow easily, for example. In that scenario, then the first step you should take is similar – ask your accountant!

Most accountants will use a wide variety of software in the course of their dealings with various different clients, and they’ll be able to advise you on which ones would fit your requirements best. After that, it’s a question of experimenting with the various options you’ve been given until you find the one that best fits you. As we said, there are myriad options for every available role, so you can find the one that’s well-suited to your needs!

At AIMS, we work with a number of AIMS Partners, many of which are software providers. If you need software for a certain purpose, we’d always recommend their services.

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