Ways to support your favourite local small business today!

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Quarterly Update - May 2021

If you have seen any of our updates over the last few months we have, like so many others, been championing supporting small businesses.

We gave back to some of our local businesses across the UK with our #ShowSMEsomelove campaign, but below are some reminders of more ways that you can continue to show your support for small businesses.

  • Gift vouchers and bookingsMany venues and shops who have closed have been offering the possibility to purchase gift cards/vouchers to inject some cash into their businesses. This is a simple and direct way of contributing to your appreciated businesses. As soon as all the restrictions are lifted make sure you pay a visit to them, too! Avoid refunds, try to avoid cancelling bookings, and postpone instead.
  • Order a takeaway, and leave good feedback! – Many restaurants are now on UberEats and Deliveroo, but some are still not in there, make sure to ask your favourite restaurant if you can order directly through them. Remember to leave a better tip, follow them on social media, write positive review comments, and leave good reviews on Google.
  • Express yourself – Many local businesses are open to hearing about your personal suggestions, perhaps a product you cannot find at their shop so they can start stocking it, or if they are not on social media, encourage them! Many local businesses are a bit old school and that should be a reason to make some suggestions, they will appreciate.

Get supporting, shop local, both online and offline, and make your weekly grocery shopping on your local corner shop!

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