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    Domestic Reverse Charge – What does that mean for you?

    Whilst we enjoy writing our articles on the nature of working as an accountant and the accounting industry (and we...

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  • / Business and Economy, Tax / by Henry Ejdelbaum

    Always be yourself – except when you’re doing taxes…

    Have you ever been in a situation where you have to argue that you’re two distinctly separate entities? We imagine...

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  • / Accounting, Government, Tax / by Jason Burton

    Disallowed Allowances

    It isn’t exactly a startling revelation that every UK tax payer can claim personal allowance against their income. As long...

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  • / Accounting, Tax / by Kingsley Sansom

    Homeless? Doesn’t stop the Taxman!

    When you think of the taxman, you don’t think of compassion. From biblical times, there has always been a stereotype...

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  • / Tax / by Jason Burton

    Breaking Up and Tax

    A little while ago, we talked about the tax advantages available when you get married. Unfortunately, some marriages will inevitably end...

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  • / Business and Economy, Government, Tax / by Henry Ejdelbaum

    Form 1984 – Is HMRC Too Powerful?

    When thinking about the mechanisms government organisations use to seize power, Finance Bill 2019 might not be your first thought....

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  • / Property, Tax / by Guest Author

    Section 24 – A Buy-to-Let tax change that may affect you!

    This blog has been co-authored by AIMS and our friends at Cashplus, who provide SMEs with business banking services designed...

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  • / Accounting, Government, Tax, VAT / by Henry Ejdelbaum

    MTD – The Paper Exterminator

    Today, it seems like everything can be done digitally. You can write emails and have phone calls to communicate with...

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  • / Business and Economy, Government, Tax / by Henry Ejdelbaum

    A Ratings Disaster

    Interest rates are already complicated, but HMRC seems determined to make them even more so. Reacting to the Bank of...

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  • / Accounting, Business and Economy, Government, Tax / by Henry Ejdelbaum

    Taxing Situations

    Milton Friedman once said that “Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned”. Evidently someone upset an HMRC bureaucrat in...

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