“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” Oscar Wilde

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: AIMS Accountants, government jobs

Most of us have the impression that Government jobs are poorly paid and understaffed, which I’m sure many are, but after looking at some of the more senior roles available I was a little taken aback – let me be clear that this isn’t a political attack just an observation on my part.

There were four roles that caught my eye and it wasn’t just the £100,000 salary that came with it but it made me ask the questions “Do we need a Chief Executive for the Sea Fish Industry, or a Chief Executive for the London Grid for Learning Trust? Or even a Chair of the NHS Confederation, or Head of News for the Department of Business Innovation & Skills? Tell me, do you know what these jobs entail and are they really necessary and essential? This is after all public money and as a tax paying member of the public I can’t see the justification for these very generous packages or even these roles.

All of us need to wake up and smell the roses and the Government have a duty to show us that they are all about saving money and they mean it and stop creating more fat cats. They could start with these four immediately save a few hundred thousand which could be put to better use. Now that’s a good saving.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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