The challenges of being a woman in business

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Author: Lesley Anderson

At AIMS, many of our accountants are women running their own small business. They understand the additional challenges that women can face when starting out in business, including:


Access to funding: Women often face difficulties in accessing funding to start or grow their businesses. They may have limited access to capital and may not have the same network of investors and lenders that men do.


Gender bias: Women entrepreneurs may face gender bias when seeking funding, partnerships, or customers. They may be seen as less capable or less serious than their male counterparts.


Work-life balance: Women who run their own businesses may struggle to balance their work and personal lives. They may have caregiving responsibilities that make it difficult to devote the necessary time and energy to their businesses.


Lack of role models: There may be a lack of female role models in entrepreneurship, which can make it more challenging for women to see themselves as successful business owners.


Discrimination: Women may face discrimination in various forms, such as in hiring, promotion, and partnership opportunities.


Industry barriers: Women may also face barriers in industries that are traditionally male-dominated, such as technology or finance. They may struggle to gain credibility and respect in these fields.


Overall, women entrepreneurs face unique challenges and obstacles that require specific attention and support to overcome.


If you’re facing any of these challenges – or have overcome them – AIMS will be able to match you with an accountant who understands and can bring their own experience to the table!


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