The “European Commercial Register” Scam

/ Business and Economy, Tax

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Yet another scam!

This blog is in danger of becoming “scam central” but when I hear about them I always work on the basis that the scammers wouldn’t be up to their nasty little tricks if people didn’t fall for them, hence this warning.

The ‘European Commercial Register’ asks you to confirm your company details with them, by signing and returning a partially completed form back to them, tiny barely legible print reveals that it will cost you €993+ VAT to do so.

The latest letters come from Spain with a reply envelope addressed to France.
I am generally wary about giving direct advice in this blog because I can never have all the facts about a specific situation but on this occasion I have no hesitation in saying if you get an “invitation” from these crooks, bin it!,

A note to finish with is remember it is YOUR MONEY that would be at risk no one else’s!

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