“The one thing that would most improve my life is 27 hours in a day. I could meet all my deadlines.” Yoko Ono

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By the time you read this you would have devoured your Christmas feast – with a few snacks in-between and then reality kicks in. As a small business owner you probably don’t have a choice – your business does not stand still.

This time of year is exceptionally busy for all small businesses as they’ll be doing all they can to entice new and existing customers with special offers, but they mustn’t forget they have responsibilities too – and by this I mean to HMRC.

It’s self-assessment time and it’s important to get this right and with paper submissions now past their due date you only have until 31 January 2106 to submit online – miss this and you could be subject to a fine. I’m sure you already have an accountant who has this all under control but if you don’t it’s not too late to get one. But it doesn’t stop there! There are other deadlines looming but I don’t want to give the game away as you should already know what they are – and if you don’t, then another reason why having an accountant really does help. But don’t worry, I’ll be sharing a few deadlines with you after the New Year so make sure you swing by after the Christmas break.

Happy New Year from the all the team at AIMS.

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