The return of old friends…

/ Business and Economy

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: AIMS Accountants, Companies House, register scam

The “register scam” is back. You get an official (ish) looking email saying that you “must” update your particulars in some register or other. If you don’t keep your wits about you, you can find yourself committing to pay for an “enhanced” entry for several hundred pounds. The only register that most businesses need to concern themselves with are the register of companies at Companies House – there are numerous trade specific registers but you will know about them if you are in the trade. If you are invited to update a register you don’t recognise be wary!

A related scam is the “invitation to renew”. You receive a letter/email inviting you to renew something (a trade mark for example). The letter comes round about the time that renewal is due but early enough to arrive before a genuine renewal. If you take up the offer the renewal will happen but you will pay a fee on top of the proper renewal cost.

So it’s not just new scams you need to be careful of, but the reincarnation of old ones. I don’t want to suggest we should all be sceptical of every request we get by email, but its starting to look that way. You can always run any email request that looks official past a trusted advisor for a second opinion.

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