7 top tips for using Google My Business to get new clients

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Google Maps is really the only part of Google that you can influence without spending a small fortune. If you run Google Ads, you’ll know what I mean. We’ve prepared some top tips for Google My Business for you to help you get the most out of Google Maps. Google Maps results are populated by businesses’ Google My Business listings which are completely free to create. All you have to do is go to Google Business Profile – Get Listed on Google. If someone searches for you directly, this Google My Business listing will appear on the right-hand side of Google. For example, if I search for “AIMS Accountants Iftakhar” you’ll see Asif’s Google My Business listing on the right on the screen on desktop. 

top tips for Google My Business - displaying your listing on the right of the screen via direct searches

This is all well and good, but you also want to be found when people don’t search for you directly. When an indirect search happens like “accountants Brixton,” Google returns 3 Google My Business listings underneath the Google Ads results. This is where you want to be appearing because the searcher probably doesn’t know who you are yet. They do now! 

top tips for google my business - displaying 3 results underneath Google Ads via branded searches

Top Tips for Google Maps 

  • Once again, speak to someone who has experience setting these up and optimising them 
  • Make sure every bit of your Google My Business listing is filled in. This includes everything from a bio to your phone number and address 
  • Collect Google reviews because they can impact your ranking and make your maps listings stand out from your competition  
  • Respond to these reviews because you’ll rank higher than your competition  
  • Do regular Google Posts which are the same as social posts you’d do on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and anywhere else you hang out online 
  • Add an appointment link and a website link to your listing to get more direct bookings from Google and to get more website traffic 
  • Get properly branded photos uploaded because businesses with more photos get more website clicks, phone calls and directions clicks   

The key thing to remember with Google My Business is that it enables you to give your potential clients lots of easy touchpoints. It enables them to call you and learn about you without even clicking through to a website. It saves them time doing research and serves up everything they need to know on 1 screen. If you sell yourself well in your Google My Business listing, you’ll generate loads more business online. 

As I said before, the best thing about Google My Business is that it’s free, so don’t waste any time in setting one up! I used to run a quite successful masterclass on Google My Business so please do give me a shout if you have any burning questions. 

What AIMS Accountants do 

All AIMS Accountants have a Google My Business listing prepared for them when they join the network. The updating and posting are taken care of centrally, so they don’t have to worry. Like with Google Ads, we feel that our accountants are better placed spending their time on building relationships with their clients, while we take care of the marketing in the background.