Welcome to the busy season!

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: new year, self-assessment, Tax return

Happy New Year! It’s January 2020, and for an accountant that only means one thing – the next month is going to be mad.

Why? Well, because for SME-focused practice accountants, it’s the time where self-assessment tax returns rear their head.

The deadline for getting your self-assessment return in is January 31st, so we’re in the busy season now. It’s certainly the month to forgive your accountant if they’re a bit slow in responding at the moment – making sure 100s of tax returns are all filled in and filed correctly takes time and careful attention!

This is where the benefit of AIMS comes through. You can benefit from knowing who your accountant is, and being able to contact them directly. And your accountant can benefit from the support of a dedicated head-office team who can ensure that they provide the right level of service to their clients.

Here’s to a busy run-up to the 31st January! Find your local AIMS Accountant here.