Which Types of Accountants can Become Self-Employed in Practice?

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You might’ve wondered before: which types of accountants can be self-employed? The short answer is that any accountants can legitimately become self-employed.

However, only qualified accountants, regardless of the type of accounting you’ve pursued previously, can run a successful practice with AIMS. 

It doesn’t matter which professional association you qualified with either; CIMA, ICAEW, AAT, ACCA and IFA all support accountants who are self-employed in practice. 

You could be doing anything right now 

AIMS is truly diverse. You can open a practice if you’ve worked in practice for over 20 years or if you’ve had a long and successful career in industry. You might be a career forensic accountant, an accountant who’s never left your village and one who’s worked in Moscow and North Carolina. You might’ve plied your trade working for the biggest supermarkets in the world or you might’ve helped SMEs make their first million. 

The point is, no matter what you’ve been doing up to this point, you can open an accountancy practice of your own and be successful. Why do we say that? Well, because the examples given above are all real people who chose to open an AIMS practice. 

You may not have any practice experience 

You might not have done practice work in years or you might not have done it at all. This is often the case with AIMS Accountants. The fact is, you spent years working hard to gain a professional accounting qualification, so you do have the necessary skills, even if you haven’t tapped into them for a while. 

If you become an AIMS Accountant, you take part in an extensive training programme before you open your practice to make sure you’re fully up to speed on all things tax and practice work.  

As well as training, you get a support accountant who is also fully qualified and has worked in practice for years. This is someone you can call every day during working hours to ask for help with your work. You can phone and email as many times as you want because this support is unrationed. This means you’ll never have to say no to a prospect who asks you to do something you’ve never done before! 

You can find out more easily 

You can join a free discovery webinar with AIMS and we post the next few dates here: https://www.aims.co.uk/accountancy-franchise/. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done before, you are qualified to open your own practice.