Why does spam work?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: CPS, emails, Spam

A new email scam has emerged over the last few weeks which tricks the unsuspecting into installing malware onto their computers. The email purports to give recipients notice of a court hearing they are required to attend, and looks to be from the Crown Prosecution Service. It is pretty convincing, containing dates, times, locations and even a reference number. When the reader downloads the attached “court notice” they are in reality downloading the virus.
It is pretty sad that there are people who get pleasure from creating and distributing such emails. But, unfortunately, it seems that nothing can be done other than being vigilant when receiving unusual emails – which means if you have the slightest doubt then simply don’t open it (and remember for the time being the Government normally writes formal letters if you are asked to attend Court).

But here is another, perhaps radical, idea. Clearly the senders enjoy the fact that sending emails is free and they are thus able to send millions of such emails. All of us are then compelled to buy expensive Antivirus Software. Would it not be a better idea if sending emails cost money because that would mean that spamming and scamming will become an expensive business and it will stop. Yes it would increase the ordinary email user’s costs but it would also save time and costs as our inbox would no longer be overwhelmed with unwanted emails.

What do you think?

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