Why we love women

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I was asked the other day my thoughts on women in accountancy. It’s the first time I’ve ever been asked that question and my answer was simple. “As long as they can do the job, I don’t care if they’re male or female”. It really is as simple as that. But it did get me thinking about it.

Accounting can be a very difficult and demanding profession but it does also have its advantages – especially for female accountants. For instance, if they want to have children they can easily step back in to it after a long period away. And unlike some other professions where you are expected to work 24/7 it can offer a very flexible work-life balance. So, you can work at your own pace and in an environment that suits you and not having to choose between your family or career – how wonderful does that sound?

Many moons ago female accountants were virtually unheard of and accounting was predominantly seen as “male dominated” but that has changed dramatically over the past years [although sexism is always lurking in the background somewhere] and I think that’s great. Seriously, the dark ages left us a long time ago so let’s not take a step back – I always like to look forward.

At AIMS many of our accountants are female – and successful to boot so to reiterate what I said “As long as they can do the job who cares”.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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