Does working from an ideal location make you more productive?

/ AIMS, Partners

Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Yes, it does, and it has been recently proven to be a success for many in recent years.

AIMS has recently launched a partnership with Helen Heyns and she feels strongly about this. As Helen says “We are always in such a hurry to get somewhere, accomplish and achieve more and more. It’s rare that we slow down enough to ask where we are really going.

Lockdown provided time to reflect on the lifestyle we are living; we spent more time with our family at home, we saved time and money because we didn’t commute to the office, we forgot about the materialistic things and cared for each other.”

Helen knows from her experience that working from our Happy Place empowers us to live the fulfilled life we have always imagined, we create a life that makes us happy every day and in turn, we are productive at work. Helen’s blogs are a great source of information about taking the next big step as in her “Can working from your happy place make people more productive?” blog she cites ten reasons why you should, and they include:

1.You don’t have to work in a closed office space

2.You save money on a professional wardrobe, travel, parking, lunch and more

3. There is no commute stress!

4. You have a better work life balance

5. Your mental health improves

6. There is a positive environmental impact

7. Your company saves money on overheads

8. There are no office distractions

9. You can avoid the crowds

10. You can spend more time with loved ones

So how can Helen help you? Helen provides a thorough bespoke service and can manage the entire process to simplify your big move to the South-West. With a large connections network, Helen can fast-track the entire process and make your home move to-do list happen, focusing on details, your convenience and securing you a fresh new start.

To find our more information about Love Lifestyle visit their website to find the most suitable contact details. To find your local AIMS Accountant visit here.