“Worry is the stomach’s worst poison.” Alfred Nobel

/ Government, Tax

I would say it‘s fair to say that the UK’s membership in the European Union (EU) has always been a very delicate subject for many reasons and in particular for the small business community.

I’m sure you’ve all seen in the press news of a referendum over whether to stay in the EU or not, but what does this mean for the small business community and should they be worried?

I personally don’t think they should be worried because any decisions won’t affect them directly as they need to be filtered through the UK Government first – so maybe they are the ones to be worried about? It’s their decisions that will affect small businesses and although there is plenty of red tape and bureaucracy from the EU is it any different to our own government?

No decision will be made until 2017 so until then I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this and I’m sure whatever the outcome, small business trade will continue to be taken very seriously – let’s face it they bring in millions for the economy which should not be sniffed at.

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