What’s the worst company name you have ever heard?


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Worst company names

We all need a name, and companies are no exception. Each company must register, directors and shareholders with Companies House alongside a legal name. But there are some rules, and whilst some are probably well known (you can’t use a swear word), there are some other cases where people try to register names that Companies House just can’t accept.

In the past year there have been almost 200,000 new incorporations and 115,000 dissolutions in the UK and you have to admire the imagination, creativity and even the audacity to come up with some of the names. Although all applications are carefully considered, some examples of the names that Companies House has rejected include the below.

  • Fashion Fuckery
  • Go Fudge Yaself Ltd
  • Meow Meow Cooking Studio Ltd
  • Slag LTD
  • Pandemic19 Ltd
  • Pervert Cat Ltd
  • Stop Making Everything Shit
  • Shit Creek Paddle Company Limited
  • Fancy a Bomb Ltd.

What’s your favourite rejected business name?

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