You might not stay small forever – how can you plan for future expansion?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Business Expansion, Future Business, planning

When you start up your own business, it might be difficult to imagine it ever being more than just you. But, if you run your business right and have expansion as one of your goals, it’s all-but inevitable that eventually you’ll end up with more work than you alone can handle.

So, the question is – how on earth do you prepare for that whilst still having realistic expectations?

Well, that question is answered by the ever-expanding role of the modern accountant. From office space to computing needs to payroll management, there are plenty of considerations to deal with when looking at expanding your business. Having an accountant on your side who can look at your business from an outside perspective and tell you what’s feasible to plan is an invaluable resource. You can stick to focusing on your current business, whilst your accountant looks at your current situation and how you might progress in the best way for you.

Here at AIMS, we’re no stranger to expanding businesses. There are plenty of AIMS Accountants who started out as a sole practitioner and now run a fully-fledged office with half-a-dozen staff! We’ve helped businesses of all sorts plan for the future, and we’re always happy to help more – so just get in touch.

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