Do you love your accountant?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Accountants, accounting, business, Tax

If you don’t you really should, but only if they’re worth what you pay them.

It’s no longer the case that a good accountant is a “nice to have” for a business. Tax is complicated, and the rules seem to change more often than a politician changes their mind. With everything that business owners need to do to be successful in today’s climate, tax and accounting take up valuable time which most business owners don’t have, or would rather use for something else.

Are you paying the right amount of tax? Could you be saving any tax? Are you meeting all of your financial obligations? These are the obvious things a good accountant can help you with. But there are more; if you want growth funding your accountant will help you put forward the financial case, if you want to buy a business you may need help assessing the accounts, the list goes on…

If you have a good and trusted accountant that’s great. If you don’t, trust me you need one and we would be delighted to help you. After all, AIMS Accountants understand first and foremost that you didn’t start your business to crunch numbers and worry about your books, luckily for you, we did.

We are business accountants for business people. Find your local AIMS Accountant to support your business.