Getting ready to run a business post lockdown


Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: Coronavirus, Running a Business

With lockdown bringing about many changes to how we live our lives, business owners need to be proactive in order to stay ahead of the curve and keep trading. As the country starts to emerge from the current lockdown, businesses need to be ready to be compliant with measures. This will allow them to operate in the most profitable way possible.

We’ve highlighted some of the key considerations for any small business below:

Marketing opportunities

Whether it’s online or in print, the most effective marketing spend lies where the business’ audience can be reached. This can range from social media ads to advertising on websites to having physical adverts such as flyers and posters. As a SME, your business should also make the most of its location and advertise in local groups.

The importance of an online presence

Even though coming out of lockdown will allow for more freedom, e-commerce will remain key for many businesses. This maintains the importance of investing in an online presence. By ensuring a business website is user friendly and can cope with the amount of traffic expected, existing clients will keep coming back and new ones will be introduced to the business and satisfied by the experience.

Health and safety measures

As the lockdown lifts, the importance of health and safety for both staff and clients is of upmost importance. This could be through ensuring social distancing is maintained, implementing frequent deep cleans and educating staff on the importance of good hygiene measures.

If you’d like to talk to an accountant about how you can prepare your business for post lockdown, contact your local AIMS Accountant.