Make Tax a business partner

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Let me ask you a question “How many of you know your taxes from your elbow?” I’m being serious here because we all have an ambivalent attitude toward paying our taxes, we have to – that is part of a civilised society. The big questions that always pop up are “how much” or “how little” and if we do it wrong we face paying a fine, or even worse prison. I don’t know which one you find worse but I’m not about to find out and that’s why I make tax an important part of my business which means I know what to pay, how much and when.

At a guess I would say there are over 100 taxes we the beloved taxpayer are obliged to pay and we can now add to that the five pence plastic bag stealth tax which we all look forward to paying – thankfully we are not all accountable to pay them all, so If the number hasn’t put you off do you actually know which ones you should be paying? If you head to the most logical place to find out, HM Revenue & Customs website you will find 626 pages on tax so good luck with that one. Maybe they should have taken a look back at the Magna Carta one of history’s most important documents, with only 63 clauses and 3600 words. All the detail is in one place, simple and easy to understand.

Unfortunately we live in a complicated world, with complicated people who like to make things complicated for the rest of us. So, if you want to save yourself from being buried by paperwork and rules, just get an accountant and save yourself the headache. We love this stuff – I know you will be tempted to say “how sad”, but if you take control and make tax your business partner you will have all the time to enjoy and develop your business.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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