Is your business missing out on Marketing?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: marketing

Recent public data has shown that many small businesses in the UK do not know how to market their business. Four in ten businesses are affected by the lack of an online profile, which can be a website, a social media account or any other source of information from your business to the online world.

So, what can SMEs do to increase their digital impact and presence?

  • Create a website (if you haven’t got one already) – make sure to list all your services, contact details (including social media), and what you have to offer differently to others. A bonus can be allowing visitor to sign up to your monthly emails. Many online platforms allow you to create a simple but efficient website, and lets your business take payments through it.
  • Create a social media profile – If you haven’t this is as important as a website as it can be your first point of contact to possible clients that prefer social media platforms and not websites. If you already have one, make sure all your details are up to date, post relevant and useful information, and always read every comment and private message (including spam folder!) – Choose one social media and do it properly!
  • Run paid ads – all social media platforms offer this service directly through your account, and it can be adapted to any budget. Also check for local magazines, newspapers, and radio ads in your area.

If your business activity allows it, look to offer your services digitally as your number of possible leads can always be boosted by the extra online visits. A bonus could be a Google My Business profile, so people can find your address and visit you in person (if you have a physical address). If SMEs don’t look to publicise their business, who will know it exists apart from the locals and word of mouth? Expand your possibilities!

If you need help on how to approach clients locally, check out our blog.

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