Don’t be punished by the tsunami of self-assessment tax-returns

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

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AIMS Accountants for Business - Self-Assessment

Last week the curtain came down on the deadline for self-assessment tax-returns. Every year we say; “don’t leave it until the last minute” and every year over 1 million people miss the deadline triggering automatic fines. Today we get to say; “I told you so”

There seems to be a vast amount of people who still seem to get it wrong despite HMRC insisting that the process of online filing is an easy one. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Tax is difficult and so is entering a return on the HMRC website.

The normal reaction to receiving a fine is to swear until you are blue in the face and then look at reasons why you were fined. In reality, if you receive a fine it’s because you didn’t get organised in time or tried to do it yourself and failed.

There is one simple way around the tsunami of self-assessment tax-returns. Speak to a professional accountant and get them to do it for you. In the interest of small businesses, we don’t mind if you don’t use AIMS, but we do mind HMRC profiting from your downfall.

Accountants aren’t as expensive as you might think and by paying a small amount each month by standing order you’ll be able to sleep easy, secure in the knowledge that your business accounts and tax requirements are being taken care of.

We work with over 15,500 small businesses throughout the UK and are passionate about encouraging people to ‘think small’ and that is why we like to do everything we can to save our clients’ money. If you think that your business could benefit from the services of a professional accountant then AIMS are never far away; contact AIMS today.

If you like the way we think – you will like the way we work.

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