The AIMS Conference – Why is it important to SMEs?

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Author: Henry Ejdelbaum

Tags: AIMS Accountants, conference, partners

We are off to our annual conference tomorrow and it is an important event for us. Not only do we celebrate our Silver Anniversary(!), but more importantly some 200 qualified accountants will interact with important suppliers and business partners for AIMS.

There is a benefit for our clients because the better and closer we work with important suppliers the better we are equipped to provide optimum services to our clients.

Our conference is not just about the work! We will also enjoy a Gala Dinner when we acknowledge achievements of AIMS Accountants in their local business communities.

Why is all this relevant to our clients? As I mentioned above, we are not just ordinary bean counters – we are the people you enjoy doing business with and we take away the hassle so you can focus on developing your business (sorry this blog is a little bit more sales than we would normally do but after all we are very proud of what we do and proud to be celebrating 25 years of AIMS!)

If you like the way we think you will like the way we work. We are business accountants for business people. Find your local AIMS Accountant to support your business.