Feeling trapped in your current job? You aren’t the only one!

Feeling trapped in your job is one of the worst feelings out there. Nobody wants to feel like they don’t have the freedom to find a new job if they’re unhappy. Unfortunately, that’s becoming an unpleasant reality for more and more of us in the modern age – especially if you’re a parent.

According to a survey by the website WorkingMums, a massive 80% of mums feel trapped in their current jobs because they don’t think they’d find another with the same flexibility. Some 29% of respondents said they’d had a formal flexible working request turned down, with more than a quarter of these saying they were turned down for a reason that’s not allowed under current legislation. The survey also found more than half of all mothers believe their careers have not progressed since they had children.

That’s a bad situation for everyone, and people are justifiably unhappy about it.  Fortunately, with AIMS there’s always a route to your freedom. AIMS Accountants work to their own schedule, and have all the flexibility they need to fit the demands of life around running a successful practice.

We’re always on the lookout for new AIMS Accountants across the UK. If you’d like to escape corporate life and start being your own boss, email Philip Doyle or call 0207 616 6632 to start your AIMS journey!

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